Tri-Heart Plus

Pet Weight/Medication Strength Vitality Member Price Non-Member Price
1 - 25 lbs. $30/6 pack • $50/12 pack $38/6 pack • $58/12 pack
26 - 50 lbs. $40/6 pack • $80/12 pack $48/6 pack • $88/12 pack
51 - 100 lbs. $60/6 pack • $70/12 pack $68/6 pack • $78/12 pack


A Treat yYou’ll Both Enjoy
watch how Tri-Heart® Plus protects your pet and saves you money

The same proven active ingredients as the leading heartworm preventative brand

Proven Heartworm Protection that You and Your Dog will Love
Tri-Heart® Plus provides proven heartworm disease prevention for your pet with year-round savings for you.

Heartworm Prevention for Every Size Dog
A simple and palatable monthly, chewable tablet protects by killing the larvae before they reach your dog’s heart.

Stop the Infection Cycle
A mosquito carrying heartworm larva can infect your dog with worms that develop and reproduce inside him. Treatment for heartworm disease can be long and costly, and is no guarantee a dog will survive.

Once a dog is infected he is also at risk for spreading heartworms to other dogs by infecting new mosquitos. Tri-Heart® Plus keeps your dog safe and helps prevent the spread of infection.


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