Home of the Low Cost Price Tool

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Home of the Low Cost Price Tool

Our initiative is to lower the cost of medications.

The price check tool provides a transparent view of what you pay when filling a prescription with us.

NextGenRx Pharmacy is a Faith-Based, Family-Owned Business


Try our Elderberry Powdered Drink Mix!

This product is a great addition to your daily vitamin regimen. This formula also contains 12X the elderberry as the leading competitor. Come by the pharmacy and get yours for a great tasting, immune boosting treat that your kids will love!

RxAngels Pay it Forward Program

A “First of Its Kind” pharmacy program that allows you to “Pay it Forward” for those in our community who cannot afford their essential monthly medications. A very simple and transparent way to help our neighbors!!!

We Now Carry
Pet Medications

NextGenRx Pharmacy now carries a full line of pet medications that we will deliver straight to your door. From flea and tick prevention to tapeworm treatments, we have what you're looking for to keep your pets happy and healthy.


Are you experiencing weight gain, mood swings, changes in your sleep cycle or depression? Contact us to learn more about hormone replacement therapy.

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy


Interested in a different approach in managing your chronic pain? Contact us for unique pain management options.

Pain Management

NextGenRx Quality Management Commitment

Every prescription produced in our facility is analyzed, reviewed, and optimized to assist our patients achieve superior results. Gain your peace of mind knowing our pharmacy has over 30 years of positive industry and patient experiences.


We are hands-on interacting with physicians and patients to understand the problem to maximize delivery of care through precise custom formulary doses.


All prescriptions created are checked within our system multiple times before they touch our patients’ hands.


We will not only stay up-to-date in current industry standards and affiliations but will change the compounding industry space through our innovativeness and entrepreneurial spirit.


We will not be limited to the “gold standard” but will use it as a foundation to think outside the box to help solve our patients’ numerous health problems.


We will work to maximize your health care dollars through our unique payment options.


We will always put our customers first while delivering top notch service in everything we do.