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  • Children 12+ and adults

    Compounded Vitamin C-600mg / Vitamin D-2500u / Zinc Gluconate-15mg Capsules

    Recommended Dose: One capsule by mouth in the am, and one capsule by mouth in the evening.

    Qty: 180 capsules (90-day supply)

    Cost: Members = $49.99 Non-Members = $64.99

  • Children 3-12 years of age, or for those who cannot swallow a capsule

    Compounded Vitamin C-250mg / Vitamin D-500u / Zinc Gluconate-7.5mg/Scoop

    Recommended Dose (ages 3-6): One scoop every day in the morning mixed with 2-4 ounces of water

    Recommended Dose (ages 7-12): One scoop every day in the morning, and one scoop every evening mixed with 2-4 ounces of water.

    Qty: 180 scoops (90-day supply)

    Cost: Members = $39.99 Non-Members = $54.99

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Immune Boost


Immune Boost
(Children 3-12)


Elderberry Powdered Drink Mix