Payment Policy

Thank you for choosing NextGenRx as your pharmacy. We are committed to providing you with quality and affordable prescriptions and over the counter medications. Due to the advanced nature of providing custom compounded medications, we have adopted the following payment policy that applies to compounded and special order items. Please read it and ask us any questions you may have. A copy will be provided to you upon request.

  1. An electronic form of payment is required to be stored securely on our point of sale software for patients who have a compounded or special ordered prescription.
  2. Payment is due upon ordering of the custom compounded prescription or special order item. Any additional items ordered along with a custom compounded prescription or special order item will be charged on the same ticket.
  3. NextGenRx will automatically charge your preferred method of payment prior to compounding or ordering your item. Your prescription order will be maintained in the pharmacy will call until you can make it in to pick it up or other arrangements are made to receive it.
  4. Arrangements can be made in advance of your order to allow for alternative payment of patients choice upon request. (i.e. Tendering cash/check/money order)

Our pharmacy is committed to providing the best treatment to our patients. Our prices are representative of the usual and customary charges based on the acquisition cost of materials and labor to complete the custom compounded prescription order.

Thank you for understanding our payment policy. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.