Compounding Pharmacy

What is a compounding pharmacy?

A compounding pharmacy provides patients with a custom dose of medications to meet specific health needs. NextGenRx compounding pharmacists collaborate with your physician to create these custom medications. Through lab values and symptoms, our pharmacists use science and pharmacology knowledge to create a formula specific to each patient’s needs.

Our bodies have different channels that medications are activated through, known as receptors. Receptors are located all over the body. Often times these receptors become saturated when large doses of medications are used regularly. Not only can this inhibit the medication from working, it can have lasting side effects that may or may not cause the patient to take another medication.

Patient examples of how NextGenRx Compounding Pharmacy works for you!

  1. If a patient is experiencing pain in their knee, NextGenRx pharmacists can create a custom formulation of topical pain cream that contains pain medication, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants and others. By applying the medication topically, we are able to target the specific area of pain and inflammation without the systemic effects caused by oral medications.
  2. Many patients cannot swallow. NextGenRx can take a medication that some pharmacies only provide in a tablet or capsule form, and make it into a great tasting gummy, sublingual, or liquid dosage form.

Physician writes, pharmacy delivers, patient achieves cost savings by cutting out the "middle men."

Many patients are alarmed when they hear that NextGenRx does not accept any form of insurance. This is actually a good thing for the pharmacy and the patient. Why may you ask? By not accepting insurance, our pharmacists are able to provide our patients with up-front pricing. Other pharmacies that do accept insurance are limited to certain prices that fall underneath the “gag-clause” also known as “claw back clause”. Some insurance companies hold pharmacies to these prices contractually. By not dealing with insurance companies, NextGenRx saves time in daily operations allowing for faster turnover in the medication process. Cash pricing coupled with 90-day supplies allows for a cost savings that is changing the game for our patients.

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