Selarid (Selamectin)

Pet Weight/Medication StrengthVitality Member PriceNon-Member Price
up to 5 lbs.$45/3 pack$48/3 pack
5.1 - 15 lbs.$90/6 pack • $180/12 pack$98/6 pack • $188/12 pack
15.1 - 22 lbs.$100/6 pack • $190/12 pack$108/6 pack • $198/12 pack


Now there’s a cost-effective option for protecting your pets against some of the more common parasites.

Introducing Selarid™ (selamectin) Topical Parasiticide for Cats and Dogs from Norbrook® — an affordable monthly topical prevention option for heartworm disease, flea infestations and more. With the same active ingredient as Revolution® Topical Solution, Selarid™ offers parasite control that’s comparable to the pioneer product at an affordable price.


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