Buspirone HCl

Pet Weight/Medication Strength Vitality Member Price Non-Member Price
All Weights $45/30-Day supply $45/30-Day supply
All Weights $60/60-Day supply $60/60-Day supply
All Weights $70/90-Day supply $78/90-Day supply

Available in an oral paste or ear gel

General Description

Buspirone is often used by veterinarians to treat fear and aggression in pets. It may also help treat certain behavior problems such as urine spraying in cats. It is not particularly useful in the treatment of separation anxiety. It also does not serve as a muscle relaxant or anti-seizure medication.

Buspirone is typically given long-term and it may take weeks or months to see positive results. If stopping use of this drug, consult your veterinarian for an effective gradual reduction in dosage.


Information on this medication quoted from PetMD.com

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