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Neurotransmitter Patient Form

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    A positive attitude and patience are required to do this effectively!!! Start small and move forward after each one is achieved. If your child responds well to incentives, offer to reward them with something that will motivate them.

    1. Start with a sprinkle that you would use to decorate a cake.
    2. Next move to a tic tac.
    3. Proceed to a Skittle/M&M


    1. Vitality Concierge Membership $50/1st year. Members realize a $108 savings within the first 100 days of therapy.
      1. Includes: Concierge Service, Cost Savings per Prescription, Video Conferencing, 3 months savings on compounds, complimentary home delivery/shipping, generic medication cost savings, Unlimited compounding consultations, up to 50% off on select medications.
    2. Urine neurotransmitter test kit $215 (normally $240- savings of $25)
      1. Ordered through Dr. Chad Edwards/Revolution Health & Wellness
      2. Retested every 3-6 months initially then annual.
    3. Custom formulation given consultation and urine neurotransmitter results $100/100 capsules ($25-50 savings with membership).
      1. Given in the morning.
      2. Additional cost may apply for alternative dosage forms (gummies, suckers, troches, etc.)
    4. Methylcobalamin 1.25mg/L-Methylfolate-1.25mg/Vitamin D3-2500units Troche $45/100 ($5 savings)
      1. Given in the morning.
    5. NextGenRx Strong Brain “Iron” Tablets $9/100 tablets ($1 savings)
      1. Given at bedtime.
    6. NextGenRx Quenched Brain “Vitamin C” granules $25/100 days ($5 savings)
      1. Given in the morning.
      2. Easily mixed in a morning smoothie.
    7. NextGenRx Supported Brain “EPA/DHA Fish Oil” $55/100+ days ($5 savings)
    8. NextGenRx Calm Brain “Magnesium, myo-Inositol, Taurine, GABA, L-Theanine” $72/100+ days ($12 savings)
      1. Best given with evening meal and before bed.
      2. A great substitute for overloaded sugary drinks.
    9. NextGenRx Optimal Brain “Magnesium Combo” $72/100+ days ($12 savings)
      1. Best given in the morning and with the evening meal.
      2. A great substitute for overloaded sugary drinks.
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